20 minute singing lesson

This is the shortest lesson that I provide. It is the recommended length of lesson for primary aged children, especially a beginner. Not suitable for an adult due to being too short in length to get in to the voice in depth.


55 minute singing lesson

Recommended length for singers ages 16 and above. This is the best length for adult lessons so we can really go into your vocal technique and areas that need improvement. Good lesson length for an adult beginner as well as one that is more advanced. 


1 hour vocal recording

1 hours recording time at Sarah's home studio. Record 1 song of your choosing with either a backing track (provided by you) or live accompaniment.


30 minute singing lesson

This is the recommended length for older children (anyone under 16) or if needed, an adult who wants a low cost option for singing lessons. It is the perfect length for secondary school age, unless they are on grade 7+, where I would recommend a 55 minute lesson instead.


Vocal Consulation

For those of you who want a lower cost option than weekly singing lessons or live too far away to come for lessons. This full vocal consultation gives you a better understanding of your voice using a mix of at home vocal exercises, an online video consultation and more. 


2 hours vocal recording

2 hours recording time at Sarah's home studio. Record up to 3 songs of your choosing with either backing tracks

(provided by you) or live accompaniment.

Sarah is a fantastically talented singer and vocal coach! She enables you to feel extremely confident about your own instrument and teaches you to use it in the best way. She also explores parts of your voice you have never even thought you would be able to use (top soprano currently using my chest voice!) I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for vocal coaching, from complete beginners to seasoned professionals. Her ability to understand your voice and help you make it the best it can be is outstanding, I will always go to Sarah and will be forever grateful for her support and the growth she has given my voice!

Ruth Blackwell