Depending on whether you are just looking to practice singing for fun or work towards vocal exams, auditions or performances, I am the vocal coach for you. My approach is one that adheres completely to the needs of my students. I can cover a wide range of genres, offering a very high standard of tuition in classical, musical theatre and pop, jazz and rock styles, having had great experience in all these areas throughout my life.

​If it' not just vocal coaching you're after, you can also do joint piano and singing / singing and theory / piano, theory and singing lessons with me if this is what you’re looking for, just let me know and we'll work out the best way of doing it.

Lessons can be paid by cash, cheque or online transfer in advance of the lesson, please let me know which way you’d prefer to pay (although at the moment, I am only taking online payments due to covid)

When pre-booking lessons, if you are then unable to attend, you must give me 48 hours notice otherwise the lesson must be paid for in full. 


It is very important to gain an understanding of your voice and how to control it. Gaining control of all aspects of your voice will help you be able to use your full range; project your voice in the correct way; breath correctly; support correctly and therefore; keep your voice healthy and improve overall vocal technique.

I love to coach singers who can already sing as well as people learning to sing for the first time. When someone has been singing for years but hasn't been trained or not been trained correctly, there are often a lot of bad habits that need to be sorted out that you didn't even know existed. Once these things have been worked on, things that you perhaps once found so hard to do will be doable and you will see so many improvements with your voice. 

Teaching musical theatre performance and technique is my speciality.  Having worked on my own voice over the years I have learnt many tips and tricks to be able to get that note you didn't think you'd ever be able to get and to control your voice in the correct way so that it doesn't end up 'breaking' when trying to sing in a run of shows. I also love working with musical theatre singers on their performance and acting in a song to help them not just bring out the general emotion of the song, but the whole meaning behind each phrase so that they themselves feel what they're singing before they even say it.


20 minute lessons cost £15

30 minute lessons cost £20

55 minute lessons cost £40

One and a half hour lessons cost £60 (if in bulk, £54)

SEPTEMBER 2021 - current

Sarah is now based in Grove, Wantage and taking on new students. Please take a look at the availability page to see when there are still spaces. The evenings are already booked up but there are some afternoon slots still available and every other Monday evening.

If bought in bulk in advance, you can get a discount.  This offer can also be purchased as a gift voucher:

5 x 20 minute lessons cost £67.50 (£13.50 each)

5 x 30 minute lessons cost £90 (£18 each)

4 x 55 minute lessons cost £144 (£36 each)


Why not practice your vocal technique with these exercises?


Q. What do I need to bring with me?

It is helpful to bring along some repertoire to your first lesson in order for me to assess your voice. This can be anything from a nursery rhyme to an Italian aria to a pop song currently in the charts, just something we can work on together. 

It's also good to bring along a bottle of water as you need to keep your voice hydrated whilst you are singing.

Once you have attended a few lessons, you may wish to bring along a folder and plastic pockets to put all your music in so that you can keep it all together for when you are practicing, attending a lesson or even performing.


Q. Which different exam syllabus' do you teach?

If you are interested in taking singing exams, I normally teach classical/musical theatre Trinity Guildhall exams OR LCM Musical Theatre exams but can also teach classical ABRSM exams and rock and pop singing exams if required.

I can supply you with a lot of the repertoire but sometimes you will need to buy certain books in order to get the specific music you want to sing or play. These books can range from anything between £5 to £30 and also a lot of music is available to download digitally for under £3 online.