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A vocal consultation is a great way to gain a better understanding of your voice. If you can’t afford or commit to regular vocal lessons with Sarah, or don’t live near enough to be able to come to her for lessons, this is a great option for you. Whether you’re a beginner looking to understand your singing voice as a whole or you are an experienced singer looking to check in with a professional vocal coach on your technique, a vocal consultation will work for you.

If you are interested in having a full vocal consultation with Sarah, we need more information about you and your voice so she can get started with helping you. Please fill in the form at the bottom of this page.


A vocal consultation with Sarah will help you gain a better understanding of your voice. It is not just a 15 minute online singing lesson, it is so much more than that. With a full vocal consultation, Sarah will assess all areas of your voice and help you in the right direction towards fully understanding how to better use and control your instrument. It is so hard to work on your voice by yourself without input from a professional vocal coach, so Sarah wanted to be that coach for you and help you to get more confident in your own singing abilities (whether you are an experienced singer or a beginner).


You may be:


- singing songs that are not suited to your voice

- pushing your lower register up too high and straining your voice

- thinking you can sing perfectly in tune, but actually, you are struggling to hit the right notes

- confused what vocal part you should sing in a choir

- wanting to learn how to belt

- looking to be able to sing higher

- wanting to audition for a role in a musical 

- needing to become familiar with sheet music so you can sight sing songs

Whatever it may be, Sarah strives to find what you really need to work on and help you towards improving in these areas. The full vocal consultation means that you get all that you would get in a few weeks of singing lessons in just one 15 minute online session. How can that be done? Well, after you've signed up and filled in the form about yourself and your voice, Sarah will give you access to a pre-consultation package that includes:

1. The vocal exercises for you to try out before the online session. These will also come with an accompanying document to fill in with how you found each exercise 

2. The vocal exercises for you to record yourself singing to send on to Sarah so she can analyse your voice. (Please note, you should not practice these exercises before recording yourself singing them, the best way for Sarah to analyse these exercises is to hear how you sound without having practiced them first!)

3. The sheet music, song lyrics, demonstration and backing track for a song you will need to learn and record yourself singing (the first verse of 'Amazing Grace'). This will be provided in several keys so that you can pick the one that suits your voice best

4. Information on the content of the online consultation

5. Information on what will come after you've had the online consultation (what exercises to do next for your specific vocal needs, how to continue to work on your technique by yourself at home, whether you need any further 15 minute online vocal consultations to check in)

Once you have sent back to Sarah your comments sheet, song recording and vocal exercise recordings, Sarah will compile a vocal analysis of your voice.


This vocal analysis will include exact information as well as interpretive information. She will include information on:


- your range

- your vocal type

- if your voice has a transitional area (and if so where your voice transitions and how well the vocal control and tone is maintained over the break)

- general tonal quality

- ability to control your voice in different areas

- intonation

- if you can belt (and if so, how high!)

- if you have vocal tension

- how good your breath control is

- whether you can read music accurately

- how best to improve these areas

Sarah will share this analysis with you before your 15 minute online session so you can have a read through before it is discussed more during the session and certain aspects of your vocal technique can be worked on. 

So, if you find yourself too short of time to have weekly singing lessons; cannot afford the lessons required to work on all you need; live too far away to come for lessons; or want to have a vocal consultation with Sarah before deciding on whether to have lessons with her or not; then this vocal consultation is perfect. As long as you are willing to put in some time to work on your voice at home, then there is no doubt you will find out a lot out about your voice and how to improve it by signing up for a full vocal consultation with Sarah today. 


If viewing this page on a mobile phone, please use the link below to access the form through google forms.

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